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“Being in this business for over 31 years, I have seen and used many different management systems. CRISMA is by far the easiest system I have ever used. The flow of information through the system is logical and simple to understand. New hires are capable of using the system productively on their first day. And even more amazing is the fact that whenever we have had to use the CRISMA technical support service, they have ALWAYS been there to help us. They understand their product and its practical application in the field, and as a result, have been able to guide us through any problem we have ever had. The application and support suits our needs perfectly”

  • Brad, Pennsylvania Shop Owner 

“CRISMA is the best management system on the face of the earth! Everything works.  I have been using management systems in my shop for 20 years.  Over that time I have used 6 different programs and CRISMA is by far the best.  While every piece of software has glitches, CRISMA works 99.9% of the time.  If one of my employees does have a problem a phone call to their great support staff always provides a quick solution.”

  • Wally, Maryland Shop Owner

“I do love CRISMA, I have used a competing system and CRISMA is by far more user friendly and it is very easy to train new people, with CRISMA they catch on quickly. We love it.”

  • Linda, Shop Manager, Maryland

 “As far as Collision Repair Management Systems there is nothing out there as good as CRISMA.”

  •   Mel, Shop Owner, Maryland

“Thanks for all the help in getting my shop back on track. Before purchasing CRISMA and finding out the true meaning of what a management system is I was lost in my business and wasn't sure what my next move would be. I was spending way to much time working in my business and not enough on it. Now thanks to the expert guidance and the ability of your company to cater to what I want in a management system I have the ability to keep track of every thing that is going on and still have more time for the truly important things in my life.  Thanks to the labor and profit reports I know where we are and where I want to be at all times.  Also the vendor and job tracking utilities keep me informed as to the status of parts and it gives my employees all the information they need to know so they don't have to constantly come to me with questions about the jobs. Things get done right the first time when I don't have to remember it all.  I believe I have a brighter future in the collision repair business than I ever had before. Thanks for putting me back on track for success. “

  • Mike, Shop Owner, Michigan

“From loading to EMS extracting to any question or concern, no other system compares. CRISMA is the simply the best management system.”

  • Allan, Estimate Protocol, Maryland

 “When I first heard we were bringing a management system in, I was rejecting the idea, just because it was one more thing I would have to do. But since we got it, this has saved me so much time. It is so easy, even for me, and I never used management before.  Every minute it saves me in paperwork I can spend in managing production. Just for example, I do the technician payroll on Friday – the busiest day of the week.  I can start it and complete it in 20 minutes.  It’s just the best thing in the world.”

  • Terry, Shop Manager, Virginia

“CRISMA is the best one there is, I know I have been through several.  It is the easiest and it saves a lot of money – we have found a lot of money by using CRISMA that we would not have found otherwise.  

  • Sheila, Office Manager, Pennsylvania

"I have been using this program in my shop for over 5 years and wouldn't know what to do without it.  It gives me the information I need to keep on top of my business from many standpoints.  The program is so easy to use, new staff members take to it almost immediately.  Before buying management I checked out a number of systems and felt that CRISMA and the great people behind it were the best fit for my company and I am pleased to say I was proven right.  I expect to be using this program happily for a long time as Jhenn Systems does work hard to make sure the program is continually enhanced and updated.”

  • Bobby, North Carolina Shop Owner 

Your company has made my transition from a hand-written process to a computerized management system a dream come true.  As an old body man turned owner, I, like most, do not like change.  I will have to be honest, I was very skeptical.  But the transition was much easier than expected.  CRISMA, by far, is the best management decision I have made.  It is by far the easiest, most user friendly system I have seen.  Every call that has been made to you or your staff has been answered with a friendly voice that can walk you through any problem.  I feel that I not only have the best management system available, but also have a new friend.”

  • Brian, North Carolina Shop Owner 

The implementation of CRISMA into our shop has helped tremendously as we have transitioned to a more professional environment.  It has met our needs completely as our production has substantially increased.  Not only did we receive software that integrated all aspects of our business, but more importantly, I believe we invested in a critical partnership.  I cannot express the incredible value that I believe John and Margaret Henn bring to the relationship and sincerely appreciate their continued support.

  • Lori,  Maryland Shop Owner

 “We have been using CRISMA as our shop management software for about 5 years.  We purchased a second system and implemented it immediately upon purchasing a second shop.  CRISMA does everything that we need and want it to do from payroll to job costing to scheduling.  After using CRISMA I would not think of running a shop without it.  The tech support is excellent and only a phone call away, no computerized phone system or long waits to get help.  We actually see our suggestions added when we get updates!  I recommend CRISMA to shops of any size looking for easy to use management software.”

  • Todd, Nebraska Shop Owner

 “ I love the program. I especially like that you can pull up information in seconds even though it is a year old.”

  • Mike, Shop Owner, Maryland


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