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Reporting Report Listing

Beyond improving control, efficiency and profitability a management program should provide information. The ability to extract information is essential to effective management. It is always important to know where you are today, where you were yesterday and where you are heading tomorrow.

CRISMA excels in reporting. The program currently holds 123 individual reports with more than 240 in total including all the available versions. Due to CRISMA's underlying structure we are able to quickly produce reports and add them to the system. If the data is contained in CRISMA we can report on it. The CRISMA user has access to all report versions, but may pick their preferred version as the default.

It is unlikely that you will not find the report you need in CRISMA, but on the outside chance that you would, we always welcome new report suggestions.

Providing a wide range of report options further increases the valuable information CRISMA delivers. Nearly all group reporting is based on a selected date range, whether by days, weeks, months or years. Many reports may optionally be run for 1 or a selected group of insurers, customer service reps, fleet accounts, adjustors and sometimes technicians.

This Partial Report Listing shows most of the available reports and the criteria they may be run for.




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