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CRISMA is the best value in the Collision Repair Management system market. You will find systems that cost less, and systems that cost more. What you will not find is a system that costs less than CRISMA that provides the same value. CRISMA pays for itself time and time again in improved production management, profit controls, parts and labor management and much more.

CRISMA is a Collision Repair Management and Accounting software program designed exclusively for the Collision Repair industry. Today's Body Shop cannot survive without the quick retrieval of accurate information and the tools to keep on top of their business. CRISMA provides the information that Body Shop management and staff need in a format that is easy to use and understand. CRISMA is so easy to use, you will be surprised at the depth of information it provides.

CRISMA monitors all Costs, Productivity, Profit, Payables, Payroll and Receivables.  Data entry is highly automated throughout the system and accounting is tightly integrated so there is NEVER any double entry required.

Training is INCLUDED when you purchase CRISMA. Our "On the Job" training focuses on the individual needs of the shop. Immediate assistance is available by phone or email. Task specific group internet training introduces the staff to the overall program and day to day procedures. One on one training provides the tools your staff need to succeed and excel in their work.

A dynamic software program, CRISMA has been in successful, real-time use by body shops since February 1996. Designed from the ground up, solely for the Collision Repair Industry, CRISMA recognizes and responds to the unique complexities and challenges facing today’s body shop manager. It assists management by providing the information needed to achieve effective results.

  • Sales & Profit Analysis – Immediate profit analysis on "in process" repair orders as well as completed jobs. Determine which insurance or fleet relationships are profitable and which may need review and re-negotiating. Comprehensive, easy to read reports take the guesswork out of profit analysis. Get the information you need to determine what areas of your business are profit centers and what areas may be cash drains. CRISMA helps you plug the leaks. Sales graphing provides an easy to understand visual representation of sales trends.
  • Cycle Time Reporting - Detailed or summarized Cycle Time reporting gets to the heart of how long it takes your shop to get the vehicle back to the customer.
  • Production Reporting – Review technician production for each repair order, by payroll period and for any date range. Information is available by labor type or in detail formats.
  • Scheduling – Determine at a glance what jobs are scheduled in or out, what the projected income is, and who’s assigned to do the work.
  • Cash Receipts – Who has paid, who still owes you and how much of your money have you got tied up in receivables. With CRISMA’s A/R Aging reports you will be able to reduce receivable balances and get the money in your bank sooner.
  • Vendor Tracking – Determine if your vendors are meeting their discount promises. Know the volume you did last year, last month or last week with any parts vendor – is it time to re-negotiate? What vendors are tying up your cash by not providing credits for returned parts in a timely manner.
  • Parts Tracking – Get those parts off the shelf and back to the vendor for immediate credit. Lost, misplaced and unidentified parts eat away at profit. Easy to use parts labels identify the vendor, invoice and R/O to prevent this problem. Know what returned parts have been picked up by the vendor and what parts are still sitting in a back room gathering dust. Have you been getting all the credits you deserve?
  • Accounting/Financial Analysis – Comprehensive General Ledger reports, Balance Sheet and Comparison Income Statements, interface with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, accounts receivable tracking, cash flow assessments and many other valuable reporting features simplify bookkeeping and provide the information you need quickly and easily.

Everything in CRISMA is about making your life easier while increasing your profits with features such as:

Accurately Import Estimates and Supplements from all the major estimating systems and automatically upload Repair Order data to CSI Complete


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